M4 Road Widening

M4 Widening is a website that has been designed to give you the latest updates on wide range of road widening projects around here. The M4 stretch widening scheme has been running and so far things are going on well for this.

Castleton to Coryton

The M4 road has been a very important stretch of road nationally and internationally. Actually this road stretch is a part of the Trans European Road Network. This route is the only route that links to Moscow and thus the importance of the road. Now this road had opened as a 2 lane road but the continuous increase of the traffic has caused the road to see slow movement of vehicles. This 2 lane roadway had opened in the 1980 and today the traffic has spiraled causing problems in movement in traffic.

An interesting concept in this road is that all the over bridges that are time taking to build are all so wide that it can accommodate a 3 lane road instead. The idea was that with the upgrade to the 3 lane expressway there will be lesser congestion and travel times for vehicles are going to decrease. The heavy vehicles mostly occupy both the lanes causing immense trouble to other vehicles and that is why 3 lane approach was taken so that the traffic will move smoothly and no jam takes place.

Contract Awarded

Carillion was awarded the road widening contract for designing and upgrading of the road stretch. The road was to be constructed in four phases. The first phase would complete the north side of Coryton to Cardiff gate and the second phase would complete the south side of Cardiff to Coryton. The third phase would finish Cardiff Gate to Castleton north side and the last phase would complete the south side of castleton to cardiff gate.

The total cost would come to about 71 million pounds and the estimate of the design was that the traffic growth of the next 15 years would be accommodated with the new 3 lane structure. After 15 years if the traffic grows as estimated, then something else will need to be done. Well 15 years is a long time and with the amount of expenditure, it is a good and sound investment for future.

An interesting thing was planned through the help of this design is that there will be no disruption to the 2 land road structure that is already there. The traffic would continue to move as they are moving and additional lane will be built on the sidelines and later be joined to the other lanes.

As we speak today, the road is being widened to 4 lanes. Check out this interesting video: