Road Widening Due To Mobile Freaks?

Did you know that these days a lot of car accidents or even truck and bus accidents are happening? The number of accidents are on the rise each year and that may not change because nowadays people are becoming freaky rather smart. With the upgrade in technology we expected people to become smarter but that is not the case because now people drive their cars or trucks or buses with one hand while other hand being on their mobile playing a game for enjoyment. Now who can go and teach these fools that it is not the time to enjoy when you are driving on the road due to safety purpose. People should use their brains and understand themselves that it is not safe to play while you drive. We used to tell people that don’t drink and drive because when you are drunk, you are not in your senses. Now we have to tell people don’t play while driving because playing can distract your mind and accidents can occur.

We recently did a survey and got a notice from government about the road widening scheme that was being launched. In the survey we found that the roads are being widened, is good and all, but the actual reason for widening was cited number of accidents being increased year on year. Now accidents are rising due to people doing foolish things like playing games, so is road being widened due to people playing games? Are playing games on your mobile phone root cause of road widening and hardship to farmers who lose their land?

Nevertheless now we want to talk about some games that are very popular and why people are doing this. Now games like 8 ball pool are so famous and so addicting that even I play that game and can understand that why people are doing this. Sometimes I play games while in the bathroom or play games before sleeping, after waking up etc. Even I am addicted to this game, so why not others. But still my request is to play safely and when you are not driving. Please do not drive and play together, you may kill yourself and others along the process of your addiction. Now guys, 8 ball pool is a fantastic game that is played by millions around the world and that is why this game is so famous.

I also use cheats in this game if you know what I mean. There is a cheating script that is used by many people and it goes by the name of 8 ball pool cash generator hack. What it does is simply send your account some free cash and you don’t even have to pay anything. If you happen to purchase pool cash from the game developer, you have to pay a lot of money. Here all you need to do is to put your account name and they will send you free cash. You may just have to use the script again and again to grab free cash and you may not know how much cash you will get. The rest is all good. We just want to let public know that driving is critical job and you should not mix with playing.